Trust your gut: The role of intuition in the boardroom

Should we trust our gut when making boardroom decisions? ASX Non-Executive Director Cheryl Hayman looks at the role intuition plays in a director’s armoury and how it can be a powerful leadership tool.

There is much discussion about the role of boards today. What are the makeup and skills required for a relevant and highly effective board?

How can boards ensure they engage individuals with diverse, rigorous and curious thinking and voices? As an industry sector, we are focussed on skills, gender and other aspects of diversity, but this isn’t enough.

Having some innate and complex personal attributes in the mix of directors plays a crucial role. And for this piece, the specific attribute I’m talking about is intuition. Intuition is one of those complex, personal, intangible skills that needs more acceptance and understanding around its place in a director’s armoury and how to trust in its messages.

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