Setting yourself up for success in 2023

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the new year and hopefully you have enjoyed a well-earned break - away from Zoom calls, meetings and deadlines. 

To kick off the new year and set yourself in the right direction for the new year, here are a few suggestions from WOB on how to be productive (without getting burnt out!). Even spending a few minutes each day on these activities could reap big rewards in 2023.

1. Take the WOB Quiz

Have you taken the WOB Quiz yet? This quick, four-question quiz helps you find your next board, and also suggests suitable courses and programs specific to your needs. You may be surprised at the result!

Take the Quiz

2. Update your WOB Profile

Been meaning to update your profile on the WOB website, and LinkedIn, but never got round to it? If you’ve got a new board role, changed jobs or even hairstyles -  or just want to refresh your profile - now’s the time to do it. Remember your profiles need to be up to date to be relevant. Check out this free member webcast on Updating Your Profile on LinkedIn.

3. Listen to a podcast

From Claire Braund’s Women of a Certain Age and Make it Real podcast series, to Ruth Medd’s Snap Vacancy Reviews, WOB has more than 100 episodes to listen to and inspire. Claire’s guests share their personal stories, career advice and board learnings in this series of frank and entertaining interviews.

Access all podcasts HERE

4. Watch a webcast

In our free member webcasts (free to Full Members) ​​WOB has partnered with thought leaders from the worlds of business, government and the not for profit sectors. Subjects range from Advisory Boards and Surviving a Cyber Attack to Diversity Dividends and Cultural Discrimination. There are also five webcasts on Using LinkedIn Effectively.

5. Check out WOB’s vacancy board

Good news for WOB members looking for paid board roles on our Vacancy Board, with 2022 seeing more vacancies posted and just over two-thirds of those were for paid roles. A sneak peak of WOB Executive Chair Ruth Medd’s annual vacancy review (due out in January 2023) shows an increasing number of vacancies posted  on the WOB Vacancy Board in 2022, with a pleasing number of those roles offering remuneration.

6. Update your Board CV

Does your Board CV need a refresh? Do you have a Board CV? Why not purchase WOB’s Build Your Board CV online course and do it in your own time? This online self-directed course provides the tools, templates and guidance to enable you to create a quality board CV. Upgrade options available if you need further support.

7. Get social and actively network

Make 2023 your year to get active and expand you network.  Set yourself a network action plan.  Keep it simple.  For example set yourself a goal along the lines of:

  • reach out to a new or past contact at least once a month
  • schedule a face to face catch with a colleague each fortnight
  • reach out to someone for a quick coffee or drink after work
  • attend a WOB networking event (WOBMeet or WOBChat) and follow up with someone else who attended
Don't leave it to chance, set time aside in your calander and make it something you do on a regular basis.  Even if you find this daunting, regular practice will make it easier.

8. Develop YOUR Plan

If you're not sure where to start, WOB's Personal Career Management Program (PCM) is a great place to start.  A key aspect of our program is to provide the guidance and tools to develop your Plan on Page.  
Find out more HERE

Good luck.  Make 2023 your year.

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