Queen Elizabeth II: The greatest leader of our time

Women on Boards’ Claire Braund, pays tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the platinum standard for leadership in an ever-changing world

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From community malls to parliamentary halls, the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is being mourned around the world. Why? Because in this mad and crazy world she was, quite simply, the platinum standard for leadership in our time.

Wise, resilient, faithful, and consistent, the Queen was a presence in our lives for the past 70 years. Now she has passed, and with her passing there is a sense of loss of something bigger than her small and quite humble person.

The loss of an era exemplified by tireless, dignified and servant hearted leadership. The loss of dignity, grace, and kindness from a great office. The loss of a remarkable woman, mentor and friend to leaders, nations, and their people.

She was a woman we could trust in a world where community, corporate and country leaders have badly let us down. A woman whose total dedication and devotion to duty rose above all other considerations. A woman who worked for others up to her very last day on earth.

The death of the Queen comes at a time when people are weary from a global pandemic, a European war, economic and political uncertainty, and the increasingly alarming signs that our planet will not sustain human excesses for much longer. The world is hungry for leaders who can rise above their own needs and desires and serve humanity for the greater good.

Our 96-year-old Queen understood how to serve. In an age of me first, me second and me third, her enduring legacy is of the character that builds nations and upholds a people.

We will not see her like again.

May you go quietly Your Majesty and be at peace.


To our WOB sisters in the UK, we extend our deepest condolences on the passing of our Queen. From many thousands of miles away know the depth of sadness at her passing is as great here as we know it is with you. She was extraordinary.

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