Our 2020 Christmas Message


The team at Women on Boards is thankful for your support and encouragement in 2020.


By all measures it has been an extraordinary end to the decade. Dought, fire, flood and a global pandemic have tested us individually and collectively many times over. Tested our resolve, our resilience and our capacity. Tested our patience with, and trust in, Government, business and community. Tested our spirit and our hope for the future.

If this year has been particularly difficult for you, then we send hugs and invite you to connect with the wonderful people in the WOB network in 2021. With the help and support of the many women and few men who make up WOB, we have weathered 2020 and grown stronger as an organisation.

We would particularly like to thank; those who gave their time as expert speakers and presenters at our WOB events; our corporate partners who stood by us in 2020 - in particular Clayton Utz, McGrathNicol and Grant Thornton; our new friends at GlenRac, CPA Australia and Accessible Arts; our mentor panel and WOBSX Chairs and our close allies and colleagues - you know who you are.

We know how hard it is for those of you unable to reconnect with family and loved ones this Christmas. We trust that 2021 will be a better year for us all.

Wishing you all safety, peace and joy this Christmas season.

(pictured L to R) Eva Heist, Angela Bowen, Ruth Medd, 
Claire Braund, Victoria Featherby, Leah Davies, Nicole Donegan

& our independent NEDs Mary Sue Rogers and Carmel Macmillan.

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