Shining a light on boards for under 35s

You may have noticed WOB has an ever-increasing number of board and committee positions available. As of 31 March 2017 there are 70 current vacancies. To date we have received 250 positions posted since 1 January 2017 - many with multiple positions available.
I said in this column on 2 March 2017, "WOB believes that there is a board for everyone at all stages of your career journey. So don’t be hesitant in applying for a role. WOB is here to help!
So this week we introduce starred positions.
Positions marked with two stars (**) are typically seeking a younger board member - those under 35. So if you are one of the lucky subscribers who fit this category please make sure you take a look at these positions.
As we extend the use our new website features we will be shining a light on opportunities for all WOB member categories – early stage NED, experienced NED and others. You can all assist WOB to better match potential applicants with positions by answering the six starter questions at My Profile after logging in.
This weeks’ take out - Don’t say to yourself: ‘No board would want me. What do I have to offer! 
Just do it!!  Apply!
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