Shareholders - Enrol your toenails


In this article, WOB Chair, Ruth Medd, gives a new take on the responsibilities of shareholders in enabling the success of new companies. In this instance in the highly charged world of biotech which, with the COVID pandemic threatening our world, can be seen as critical to our future.


Regular readers of my columns will be attuned to my quirky interests.  In my 2020 series titled ‘The Accidental Chair – an alternate board pathway’ I wrote:

I have investments in two other companies that have been brought to my attention by WOB members. One is the unhelpfully named Bluechiip (ASX: BCT), which seems to be on the up after a half decade of struggle. It’s a medical devices company.

The other is Hexima, previously listed but now private. Also, in struggle / development for years. But could provide a cure for fungal nail infection – which is a big deal - if it works.’

Being a board member means you need to keep up with events and developments in many areas. So, as time has moved on, I thought I would provide a 2021 update on the previously mentioned companies...

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