Security Risk & Risk Management: Ask the experts


A cyber warfare expert, Oxford-educated engineer and NED and experienced Chair and risk management specialist will be sharing their insights on security risk and risk management for boards in a new Women on Boards program.


Dr Sarah Morrison, Zorana Bull and Abigail Goldberg will be speaking and answering questions on a panel discussion on 17 November in Sydney as part of the Security Risk and Risk Management program, delivered by WOB and McGrathNicol. 

The five-part program, which includes four virtual modules and the face-to-face panel session (which will also be available on Zoom) will feature presentations from seven McGrathNicol experts including Matt Fehon.

“This is going to be a great program culminating in the panel event,” said Matt. “The Governance Institute of Australia recently said in order to discharge their duties, directors need to know and properly assess the nature of magnitude of risks faced by the entity. This program is about anticipating what risks organisations face now - and in the future - and addressing key hazards that might significantly compromise security and resilience of that organisation - from cyber and supply chain risk to national security risk and regulatory risk.”

At the end of the program participants will:

  • Understand the wider implications of the Security of Critical Infrastructure (SOCI) Act amendments and how they may impact organisations that sit within the supply chain of the eleven critical infrastructure sectors

  • Be attuned to a range of hazards which may significantly compromise the security and resilience of an organisation

  • Know what best practice Risk Management Programs look like

  • Understand what key risk questions Board members should be asking senior executives

This program is aimed at established & emerging directors; CEOs and executives; risk and compliance managers and security and supply chain specialists. 


Modules 1 - 4 will be held via Zoom on Thursday's from 12.00 noon - 1.00 pm AEST (NSW time) - A recording is available if you cannot attend all sessions.

The culminating panel session (Module 5) will be held on Thursday from 12.00 noon - 2.30 pm both in-person at McGrathNicol, Martin Place, Sydney and online via Zoom*.

Program Fee

The program fee is $330 (Full Members) or $550 (Basic Members) for four (4) virtual modules and one (1) face-to face panel session including lunch at McGrathNicol, Sydney. 

*A 10% discount applies to anyone attending the entire program virtually (excludes networking & catering). Please use disc code: SECURITY10.

Register for the program HERE

Listen to Claire Braund's podcast with Dr Sarah Morrison HERE

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