Safety First


WOB believes that there is a board for everyone at all stages of your career journey. So don’t be hesitant in applying for a role. WOB is here to help!

Just as important as securing a board role is the need for your board experiences to be safe. In other words you don’t damage your hard earned reputation by your actions or inactions.  

Director education and keeping up to date is a must. Directorship needs professional development just as being a lawyer or accountant demands an annual PD effort. A tip - be disciplined and strategic about how you are keeping up to date in director land. 

WOB offers / recommends that the headline director education topics are governance and financials. Do not cross the road unless you understand your duties as a director and your financial literacy is at a suitable standard for your chosen boardroom. 

To assist WOB is offering a sensational Director’s Circle event in Sydney and Melbourne on the topic of conflicts of interest. Long time WOB member Dominique Hogan Doran SC is the principle speaker. I recommend you walk over hot coals to attend! 
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