Ruths wrap on 2019 Vacancy Postings

The WOB Vacancy Board * continues to grow and provide vital benefits to our members. The good news is that the number of remunerated positions offered on the WOB Vacancy Board increased to nearly 66% in 2019.**
The number of vacancies posted with WOB also continues to grow, with 2,519 positions posted in 2019, broken down as follows:
  • 65.7% paid roles (54% in 2018)
  • 16.6% paying expenses (22% in 2018)
  • 17.7% unpaid (19% in 2018)
The biggest contributor to the paid category was ‘for profit entities’, followed by government boards, where 94% of positions advertised were paid.  While some of these were relatively small payments or day rates, it reinforces WOB’s view that a government entity is a good place to start to look for your first paid board role. 
In 2019 the number of total board positions posted in the Charity / NFP Foundation / Trust and Sporting Body categories were comprised of:
  • 20% paid roles (19% in 2018).  
  • 33% paying expenses (43% in 2018).
  • 37% unpaid (38% in 2018) – ‘tho some provided professional development.
Interestingly, 10% of all NFP positions in 2019 offered ‘other forms of payment’, such as scholarships, contract fees for governance roles and payments that the organisation chose not to define as a director fee.  WOB is inclined to view these as remunerated positions.
“We are seeing an increasing trend to remunerate non-executive directors in the NFP sector. WOB believes that the number of NFPs remunerating directors must continue to increase in order to attract the people required for the challenges that this sector presents.” 
For the NFP sector to continue to grow and innovate it needs to get the diversity dividend from its boards.  Women cannot be expected to continually volunteer their expertise without some reward beyond that of serving.”   
What WOB members looked at in 2019?
The top vacancy postings viewed by WOB members in 2019 were:
  • ID 14478 Treasury Portfolio Board Appointment Register  
  • ID 12187 AHPRA National Boards
  • ID 14120 PSMA Australia 
  • ID 15225 Health Boards Victoria 
  • ID 13990 Water Partners 
  • ID 14121 Healthdirect Australia
  • Id 13878 .au Domain Administration Ltd 
  • ID 14605 Women on Boards 
  • ID 15484 Local Land Services NSW 
So there is a wide range of positions available - so continue to spread the word that WOB is a great place to find quality female board members.

*The WOB Vacancy Board is a benefit available to full & corporate members, who have full access to all positions listed.
** A single vacancy posting can contain multiple positions – a good example is government hospital boards – so this number reflects the total number of remunerated positions, not the total number of vacancies posted that are listed as paid.

Ruth Medd, WOB co-founder and Chair

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