Record-breaking appointments for WOBSX


It was a record-breaking month in March for Women on Boards' successful WOBSX program, with five members landing ASX roles.


The women are all graduates of WOBSX - WOB’s director-led peer-to-peer support program that accelerates women into ASX board roles. 

The program, which has been running since 2018, aims to get 25 per cent or more of participants onto ASX or equivalent boards within two years of their completing the program.

In March 2022 we had the following successes:

Ilona Meyer (20xx graduate) was appointed as NED and Member of the Audit & Risk Committee of X-ray technology company Micro-X Limited (ASX:MX1).

Leanne Heywood OAM (2019 graduate) joined the board of voice communications software provider Symbio (ASX: SYM) and Snowy Hydro.

Cathy Hales (current) was appointed to the board of Navigator Global Investments (ASX: NGI), a diversified asset management holding company.

Cheryl Hayman (2019 graduate) joined the board of Ai Media Technologies. (ASX: AIM) - a captioning, transcription, translation and audio description technology service.

Liz Smith (2022 graduate) joined the board of Bikeexchange Limited (ASX:BEX) – an online cycling-focused marketplace.

WOB co-founder and Executive Chair, Ruth Medd, said the appointments were a fine achievement for the individuals and the WOBSX program. “This is a monthly record. Leanne and Cheryl are established ASX directors, while Illona, Liz and Cathy are first-timers, so well done everybody.”

“Nothing pleases the WOBSX team more than seeing graduate’s succeed.Often it takes two years of hard networking and interviews before a WOBSX graduate gets an ASX role. Sometimes is comes sooner.”

"WOBSX a structured program that assists women to increase their likelihood of achieving success on ASX boards. It expands their networks , be it with ASX chairs and directors, recruiters or other WOBSX participants. 

March also saw the WOBSX Theresa Ryan syndicate in Melbourne graduate, with ASX director Zita Peach as its chair. 

“This syndicate was a great success, due to Zita’s expertise, enthusiasm and her great network. WOB is delighted that Zita has agreed to chair a second Melbourne syndicate,” said Ruth Medd.What does getting an ASX portfolio look like? 

“Getting the first ASX board is challenging, but after that it is a matter of building your portfolio,” said Ruth.

Leanne Heywood OAM is a great example of someone who has built her portfolio successfully over a range of years. She current serves on the boards of:

  • Allkem Limited – ASX100 Lithium Miner

  • Snowy Hydro

  • Symbio – ASX Small Cap Cloud Communications Provider

  • Midway Limited – ASX Micro Cap Wood Pulp Processor and Exporter

  • Quickstep Holdings Limited – ASX Micro Cap Aircraft Parts Manufacturer

  • Charles Sturt University

“You will see that she has a large ASX company, three smaller ASX companies, a Government business (Snowy Hydro) and of course a pro bono give back in Charles Sturt University,” said Ruth.

“Something to think about is that the big challenge of managing conflict with successive roles.A stellar candidate like Leanne will get a number of approaches, many of which she will decline due to conflicts. That is her chance to recommend someone else, and where better to turn than one of her fellow WOBSX Alumni graduates.

For more details on WOBSX click HERE

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