Quotas for Australian Honours


Being awarded an Australian Honour is highly regarded and signals your contribution to your profession, industry or cause. As is the case on governing bodies, women are under-represented in the Australian Honours awarded on the occasions of Australia Day and Queen's Birthday. 


The Minister for Women, Senator Michaelia Cash, has taken up the challenge of encouraging more female nominations. The Women on Boards network, along with other organisations, is being asked to actively encourage female nominations for honours.

Details of the criteria and links are included in ID 5098 or go to the website

Senator Cash in her letter to WOB says " The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet is currently implementing a strategy to encourage an increase in the number of women nominated for honours, including the Order of Australia. We are confident that the impact of our effort will start to be known over the forthcoming honours cycles."

It is unclear what the strategy is as yet, but will keep you posted. One interesting snippet from the Order of Australia page on the Governor General’s website is ‘Excluding honorary appointments or awards, in any calendar year the quotas for each level are:

  • Companion of the Order – 35
  • Officer of the Order – 140
  • Member of the Order – 340
  • Medal of the Order – no quota limitation

Go nominate a woman today! Call us if you need any assistance.

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