Post a vacancy and reach WOB's network of extraordinary women

Having trouble recruiting a board director with the right skills, experience or diversity? Post your vacancies on the WOB Vacancy Board and reach our extraordinary network of women.

With more than 20,000 members, your board or committee vacancy could be seen by thousands of women via WOB’s Vacancy Board, our weekly e-newsletter and website.
WOB has been offering a free Post a Board Position service since 2006. Last year WOB had 22% more vacancies posted to the WOB Vacancy board. There was also an increase in the number of paid vacancies, with just over two-thirds of positions posted offering to remunerate board members in some way in 2021.

When the Board of the Children’s Book Council of Australia was looking for an independent director recently, Company Secretary Naomi Malbon sought help from Women on Boards.  “Before advertising I spoke with Ruth Medd for some advice, which I then took on board,” said Naomi.

After posting the roles on WOB’s Vacancy Board, CBCA received four highly-skilled applications from WOB members for the position, one of which was eventually successful.

"We would definitely use the WOB Vacancy Board again if the need arose. At this stage we only have two independent directors with the others coming from each state/territory branch, however when the independent directors’ terms expire I would be keen to utilise WOB again,” said Naomi.

The Australian Association of Philosophy said they will continue to use the service to ensure they attract women to their organisation. “It is important to our organisation to receive applications from women and to shortlist and appoint women to our Board positions. As such, WOB can assist with those aims,” said AAP Executive Officer Dr Eliza Goddard.

Ruth Medd’s 6 tips on attracting the right candidates

  • Don’t list too many selection criteria – unless you have multiple roles.  It scares potential applicants.
  • Most WOB members have a good idea of what a director does – so don’t say the obvious eg attend meetings, read papers. 
  • Outline how you support your directors, particularly if the role is pro bono.  For example, do you offer professional development? This attracts interest.
  • It’s a good idea to mention the your annual revenues and number of staff, particularly if you are a medium-larger sized organisation   
  • Many boards posting with WOB are seeking a treasurer, often pro bono. WOB has a good number of CPA and CA members, so we are a good place to post. But If you want a treasurer, mention the revenues and number of staff and don't overcook your request for accounting qualifications and years and years of experience. Younger CPAs and CAs are well-qualified and could be interested.   
  • Check out WOB’s packages, to see how we can help target the right candidates and more. 

How do I post to the WOB Vacancy Board?

You can choose from three different plans to suit your organisations' needs.
Basic Plan (free)
  • Easy online form
  • Approval within 24 hours
  • Notification by weekly email
  • High quality applicants
  • Able to modify position
Standard Plan $550
  • Basic plan PLUS
  • Expert review of your posted position by WOB Chair
  • Position pinned to the top of WOB Vacancy Board for up to 3 weeks
  • Position appears at the top of weekly vacancies email for up to 3 weeks
  • Targeted email sent to skills-matched candidates
Premium Plan $1950
  • Standard plan PLUS
  • Candidates short-listed from our extensive database of well qualified women
  • Shortlist of 10 candidate resumes provided
  • Follow-up service offered if candidates refuse offer
  • Confidential posting available with this plan
We also track the success of WOB members via our On Board and Success Stories. 
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