Opinion: Hold the Bouquets for Equal Pay Day Promises


The gender pay gap has barely changed for 30 years. In that time we have had 12 Parliaments under nine prime ministers (noting that Kevin Rudd served twice). You might think we would have it sorted out by now, writes Women on Boards Executive Director Claire Braund.


Which is why Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's call for “real action” when it comes to women getting paid the same as men as Australia, leaves me feeling a bit 'meh'.

It's not as though the current Prime Minister working as a Minister in a Labor Goverment hasn't had a chance to at least influence the issue, given that Labor has been in power for nine of the past 30 years.

So while the Prime Minister is to be commended for his speech to the National Press Club on Equal Pay Day, in which he said that "we need serious improvement in economic equality for women,” let's by all means wait for some 'real action' before we start handing out the bouquets.

If you think I am being somewhat cynical, then you would be right.

The gender pay gap in this country has been a systemic problem that successive governments have failed to address. Now the consequences are coming home to roost. Women with much lower superannuation balances at retirement age, women aged over 55 at greater risk of homelessness than any other cohort and women who are fed up and voting Teal.

Perhaps it is the fact that women are moving away from both major parties that will finally provide the impetus we need for action on this critical issue.

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