Next Gen Graduation Celebration

WOB congratulates our twenty-one Next Gen graduates who attended the final two days of our program at AON in Sydney this week. We had great presentations, robust discussion, metamorphic personal development and deep personal connections between the graduates, mentors, presenters and WOB staff.
Next Gen is a high-level program for senior women designed to increase their leadership capacity and confidence in both their professional career and with boards.

One aspect of the program requires participants to work in syndicates to interview leaders to develop a report and presentation on their chosen topic.  The last two days of the program culminated in a number of learning workshops, panel discussions, each syndicates delivering their reports and presentations and a great finale dinner.

Take a look at our amazing graduates, their mentors and chosen study topic.

Our Graduates

Eleanor Harding Syndicate

Elanor Harding Syndicate
Study topic - Leadership in the Digital Age  
Diana Fear, Lidia Jukic, Melissa Robbins, Cassandra Strakosch and Ann Wooldridge
Syndicate mentor: Gillian McFee
Key Findings

Nancy Bird Walton Syndicate

Study topic - Natural Born Leaders?
Eima Alkeder, Chantal Bou Mansour, Samantha Cairns, Sally Gibson and Astrid Hughes
Syndicate mentor: Marcella Lazarus

Susan Alberti Syndicate

Study topic - Leading Through Disruption
Michelle DePasquale, Sarah Dunn, Tanya Ferguson Shanna Livingstone, Sally Marasco and Rochelle Reynolds
Syndicate mentor: Sheena Wilson

Vida Goldstein Syndicate

Study topic - The Times are a Changin'
Bronwyn Hooton, Michelle Keam, Samantha McCormack, Amanda Nuttall and Angela Ziebell
Syndicate mentor: Catherine Brown

Thank you AON

A very big thank you to AON for hosting, their amazing hospitality and continued support.

Claire Braund, WOB Executive Director, Robert DeSouza, CEO AON, and Jennifer Dean, Partner AON & Chair Basketball NSW
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