NEW Personal Career Management program: All your questions answered

Are you stuck in a rut or just feel like you're not realising your career potential? WOB’s new Personal Career Management program is designed to help you set and reach your career goals

Here WOB Executive Director Claire Braund explains more about the new program, what you can expect to get out of it and who it is aimed at.

How is the Personal Career Management program different from the Women in Leadership program?

Our new personal career management program has refreshed from our very successful Women in Leadership series, taking all the essential elements and building and packaging them into a hybrid program.

Offered as a hybrid program, one day face-to-face and four virtual sessions, Personal Career Management is highly interactive and features a suite of templates, tools and approaches that can be applied wherever you are on your career journey.

Whereas Women in Leadership was across nine virtual modules, our new Personal Career Management program focuses on your ‘plan on a page’, helping you with the tools, support, practical skills and strategies to make the plan come alive. 

What format is the Personal Career Management program?

We've taken that big nine-module Women in Leadership virtual course and distilled it into a hybrid course - with a one day face-to-face where you get to meet all of your key presenters and fellow participants and four online or virtual sessions, where you'll be able to further your knowledge and dig deeper into some of the things that we're going to explore on the face-to-face day. 

The program has also got a fantastic suite of tools, tips and strategies plus a brilliant lineup of presenters.

Who is the PCM program for?

Personal Career Management is exactly what it sounds: it's about you taking control of your career, of the processes, of the inputs of personal career management. It is you taking personal control for the management of your career.

And you can do it at any stage, whether you're early and looking to really develop a pathway through to management or leadership roles, whether you're in middle management and you're stuck and you can't find a way out. Or whether in fact, you're more senior and you're thinking ‘how do I track a pathway through to the boardroom? 

Personal career management and your ‘plan on a page’ will work for you whatever age or ever stage you're at. 

Is there any personal mentoring included?

Yes. It comes with a one-hour personal mentoring session, where you're connected with a member of the WOB mentor panel, who can really help you drill into where you're at, and start to think about and achieve where you want to be. 

What if I can’t make it to the face-to-face session in Sydney?

The face to face day is being held in Sydney. But if you're not in NSW or don't want to fly to Sydney, we're offering the option for you to have that day live-streamed. So why not grab a couple of colleagues and do it in a group from wherever you are - whether you’re in WA or SA? Of course we'd love to see you face to face but if that's not possible, then let's make it work for you. 

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