Mabel's Week with WOB: A young leader's perspective


Year 10 student Mabel Cardozo - a keen writer, photographer and social justice advocate - spent a week with Women on Boards. Here she writes about her week with WOB. 


As a Year 10 student at Central Coast Steiner School I am interested in many areas including journalism, drama, photography and am an ardent campaigner for social justice. When I was looking for a suitable place to do my work experience, it was my Aunt, Geraldine Cardozo, who suggested I join the team at Women on Boards for a week. 

I knew very little of the company at that time, but I have always felt extremely passionate about female equality and women's rights, so I was delighted at this opportunity.

WOB time: (clockwise from top left) Mabel getting ready for the Personal Career Management workshop; with Geraldine outside the WOB office; coffee at Shop 3; with the WOB team at Stars of the Central Coast. 

During my week at Women on Boards I was fortunate enough to attend both the Personal Career Management course and Director Lunch with Bernadette Harkin in Sydney.These events were a chance for me to see firsthand what WOB offers its members and an opportunity for me to take photos and videos.

It was incredibly inspiring to be in a room with so many powerful successful women and to be able to watch women in such a creative, professional and progressive space. Prior to working with WOB I was unaware that initiatives such this were available to women and to help both give a stage for professional development and give a unique set of tools and training. 

The knowledge that is shared and instilled builds women as leaders, with greater awareness on how to do well in the modern professional world. It gives capacity for women to know how to sell themselves and highlight their skill sets and qualities.

Throughout my time with WOB I have also enjoyed exploring and getting creative with my photo and video editing which has been another way to build my experience. I found I had a good balance of time at these events and time in the Gosford office working on the content I had collected from the events. 

A highlight for me was attending Stars of the Central Coast fundraising event (and filming the dress rehearsal) where WOB Executive Director, Claire Braund danced to Man I Feel Like a Woman raising over $5000 for Cancer Council NSW.

Overall it has been a wonderful experience and I have learnt a lot. Thank you so much to Women on Boards and Geraldine for supporting me and giving me this opportunity. I look forward to working with Women on Boards again soon.

About Mabel Cardozo

Mabel Cardozo is a year 10 student at Central Coast Steiner School who is passionate about innovating women to step into roles that are heavily male-dominated.

She spent a week working with Women on Boards, attending WOB events including the Personal Career Management workshop and face-to-face Board Kickstarter in Sydney and the Director Lunch with Bernadette Harkin where she took photographs and produced videos of the events.

"It has been an opportunity for me to learn how Women on Boards guides women to career opportunities that stretch them to their full potential. Along the way I have been learning what working in different positions involves and attending some of the WOB events. I found these events offer incredibly valuable skills to women of all ages for both extending their careers and personal development." 

Mabel is someone who has always loved writing and sharing stories. She was a finalist in the Central Coast Short Story Competition for two consecutive years and was shortlisted  for the Whitlam Institute ‘What matters?’ Competition in the top 20 out of 4500 entrants Australia-wide. She is particularly ardent about social justice and human and animal rights and hopes to have the opportunity to share her and others' voices.

In 2019, Mabel cut off her 77cm-long hair and raised over $10,000 for Variety’s Hair with Heart fundraising campaign to help make wigs for people who have lost their hair due to medical conditions like alopecia.

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