My bid for Central Coast Council

Those of you who have attended a WOB event may have heard me describe myself as an advocate. Well it might be my biggest advocacy challenge yet if I am elected to Central Coast Council on 9th September.
Yes, I have decided to put my hand up at the first elections for our merged super council – formerly Wyong and Gosford - which is now the third largest in NSW. Needless to say, it will be a challenge – both to be elected and, if successful, to be one of 15 councillors in an area with 330,000 people
The Central Coast Council is an $800 million business and employs more than 2,000 people; making it the equivalent size of an ASX250 company. It has the major role in planning for how the region will look in the future, as well a myriad of local health issues, transport and recreation and culture. Well beyond the popular view that it’s about collecting rates for roads and rubbish.
I am standing as an Independent as I have long held the view that the politicisation of local government by the major parties in particular has reduced its effectiveness and capacity to act for local and regional communities. Sadly, both Liberal and Labor appear to use winnable local government positions as rewards for political staffers and party hacks – a cynical and rather arrogant approach which says much about how they view the role of local government. This has been further exacerbated by the removal of planning powers for developments over $20 million – ostensibly to remove likelihood of corruption, but often with the unintended consequences of people with little connection to the region making planning decisions that are preferred by the State Government and not popular or desired in the region. This is being further eroded with the NSW Government’s push to take this back to $5 million.
I am standing in one of five Council wards – Gosford East – with two other professional women – Dr Diane Bull and Danielle Habib. Our platform is based on:
  • Corporate and community governance
  • Public accountability and disclosure
  • Practical and ethical decision making
  • Smart cities and connected communities
  • Stronger advocacy for our region

How can you help? 

If there is anyone else standing for election to local government please get in touch with WOB and let me know.
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