More on Government Boards

This column has previously canvassed the desirability of including a government board in your portfolio of career activities.
To this end we have a number of February initiatives relating to government boards: This week WOB has also had a successful Canberra visit to make progress on opening up opportunities for WOB members to access Federal government boards.  

The Boardlinks initiative is a work in progress. At present to be nominated to Boardlinks you are required to go via one of 15 individuals or a departmental secretary. But there appears to be movement with the next step expected to be organisations, including WOB, being invited to submit recommendations for inclusion in Boardlinks.  
With this in mind, WOB will identify candidates from members of the Government Marketplace.  If you are not a member and wish to be you need to click the link and then take the survey.
In the short term WOB has an opportunity to put forward nominees via a departmental secretary who wisely realised that unless she could tap other sources she was only able to nominate those in her circle. So WOB has offered to help and is looking for 10 or so WOBers to put forward. If you are interested you need to:

 Remember your WOB profile can be needed at any time.  Keep it up to date!

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