Maximising Board Success

Developing your board career is a matter of persistence and vigilance. You never know when your ideal opportunity will appear. WOB regularly does search assignments for companies seeking Non-Executive-Directors. Often these are paid roles on interesting boards, well suited to some WOB subscribers. 

The recommended process for approaching a board opportunity is:

  • Have your standard board CV ready and waiting - it’s much easier to amend an existing document than to start from scratch.
  • Ring and email the contact person and introduce yourself. Garner any useful information about the issues the organisatiom faces and the type of person they are actually seeking. They may be vague on this point / or may not know if they are a post box but at least they should remember your name when you apply.
  • Revisit your board CV and tweak it based on the information you have gleaned. WOB My Profile is your starting document which you can develop offline OR if you have a CV from our WOB CV Masterclass then use this.
  • Work on the cover letter. A good cover letter will create the right impression and get you noticed. Writing a good cover letter gives a step by step process to produce a quality product.

You are then ready to go. Send in your application and follow up to ensure they have received it.

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