Major new features on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has taken things next level with a host of new features that are vital for any non executive director, leader or those emerging.
In this article, LinkedIn expert Karen Tisell outlines the new features, which include now being able to create a video cover story; Creator Mode, which changes the way your content is displayed and how people connect with you; new live broadcasts; gender pronouns; new job titles; and a resume section.
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Attend our webinars to fully understand the new features

If you need assistance understanding and then implementing these new features, join our LinkedIn webinars, where Karen Tisdell will explain what you need to know. 

We recommend joining these webinars with your LinkedIn page open so you can work with Karen as she explains.  We will also provide a recording, so you can go over it again later, step by step.

The new LinkedIn features everyone's talking about
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How to amplify your voice on LinkedIn
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