Major Australian firms at risk of greenwashing net-zero sustainability claims


Major Australian firms are at risk of greenwashing their net-zero sustainability claims, according to a new report.


Fossil fuel giants like Woodside and Santos, as well as electricity retailers such as Energy Australia and Origin are among some of the nation’s biggest firms with the largest gap between their sustainability claims and actions, reveals research from think tank InfluenceMap.

InfluenceMap is a UK-based think tank that maintains a global database of corporate and industry lobbying efforts on climate policy. 

The report found that while 87 per cent of the biggest firms and industry groups in Australia say they support climate action, only 35 per cent actually supported progressive climate policy in recent government consultations.

Last year the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) launched several investigations into greenwashing and has promised a hard line against companies promoting false sustainability claims.

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