Leading from the top - Vaccination across the nation

While the Australian Government’s policy is that receiving a vaccination is free and voluntary, all but the most highly targeted lockdowns will end and the country will begin to reopen its international borders once 80% of eligible Australians are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  To encourage everyone to get the jab it's vitally important that NEDs and businss leaders show some leaderhip and encourage their staff to get vaccinated. 

Some employers are providing incentives, such as time off and cash bonuses. Others are doing it via in house videos and promotional campaigns to support their staff to get vaccinated.

If you are a leader we urge you to take some action within your organisation to encourage your staff to get the jab.

At Women on Boards we are publicly declaring our vaccination status. We've even made a Zoom background for our vaccinated staff to proudly use.

We have provided a selection of generic "FULLY VACCINATED" Zoom backgrounds below.
Just click on the image you like to download.

Further Information About Vaccinations and Workplace Obligations

Visit the Workplace Ombudsman here

Zoom Backgrounds

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