Jacinda Ardern: Great innings. Well played. Classy to the end.


After six years leading the country, NZ PM, Jacinda Ardern has called time, saying she no longer has 'enough in the tank' to lead beyond the next election. 


Posting on LinkedIn shortly after the announcement (and taking inspiration from none other than Kenny Rogers in The Gambler) Women on Boards paid tribute to Ardern who has shown “a remarkable display of self-awareness and leadership on a field littered with the careers of those (mainly men) who never knew 'when to fold em'.”

And judging by the majority of the comments on the post, the WOB network agrees - hailing Ardern as a great example of what a leader should be. 

“There's a fabulous theatrical saying - always leave the audience wanting more. I think most people would want her to stay in that role a bit longer but as you say, she's a self aware, authentic leader of the highest calibre and if she says it's time, it's time."

This was one comment from WOB member Michelle Adair, who also wrote: "Another saying that rings very true - everyone remembers how you leave a job. She's leaving in a way that ensures stability, continuity and will allow her successor time to establish themselves before the next election.”

Kel W said: “What I love about this is the very fact that Jacinda has openly raised a situation that many of us go through - burn out. 

There comes a point when we have to admit that we are burned out. We need that break, that recharge, and having that level of self awareness is what ensures we are able to recalibrate, take a well deserved break and focus on what’s important, before striving for that next goal."

"Thank you Jacinda Ardern, for all that you have done, for all that commitment you have given and for actually being one of few leaders to actually stand up and say the time has come to step down and focus on other things. 

Anne Foster wrote that Ardern has had a “a multiplier effect that we will never truly calculate”

“Many women, people of color and other diverse leaders will follow in her footsteps all over the world and make positive changes in their communities and nations. She is a stateswoman, diplomat and empathic kind leader…not a politician. Thank you Jacinda!! Go enjoy your fabulous daughter. You will refresh and bounce back after a good rest and go on to contribute in other ways. We are grateful and we celebrate you!"

“How many leaders are afraid of the loss of power and hang on to their leadership positions while it’s not in the best interest of the Organisation which is what we’re appointed for” was the questions posed by Karen Miller.

Meanwhile Debra Johnson praised Ardern for her “refreshing take on leadership” while Cate Gregory said her decision to step down demonstrated “excellent self-awareness and emotional intelligence, sadly lacking in many leaders” and said Ardern was a great example of what a leader should be.

Paul Kane, said Ardern was an inspiration to him and his daughters. “She has shown that leaders can and should be caring, compassionate, true to their word, honest and self deprecating.”

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