IPO Network and WOBSX

One benefit of being part of the WOBSX program is being part of the IPO Network through WOB, which became a member in 2019.
The IPO Network is a group of professional service providers who assist businesses to prepare and execute their exit strategy and provide support for listed companies wanting to IPO. These companies need a range of assistance, including advisory roles and directors (pre and post IPO).
I attended a recent IPO event in Sydney on 30th July 2020 where the topic under discussion was “Resilience of the ASX and capital raising activity in a pandemic environment.”
The speaker Bruce Coombes, CEO / MD of payment solutions business, QuickFee Limited [ASX: QFE], spoke about the challenges and experiences faced on the journey post listing Quick Fee on the ASX in July 2019. Within two days its shares went up by 212% and the company used its IPO funds to move the USA. Then came COVID. Despite the pandemic, QuickFee recorded a 71% rise in lending growth in the US market for the fourth quarter of 2020. The clear message being that COVID should not be a barrier to IPO or future growth.
Bruce was followed by Vaughan Webber, Director Equity Capital Markets at Bell Potter Securities while legal issues were covered by Christopher Marr Senior Associate Steinepreis Paganin. 
If you want to access early stage listed boards or the world of IPO these sort of events are a great way to increase knowledge. 


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