Insead interview with Rowena Ironside of WOB UK


Leading from Chair: Building the skills for the next stage of your career.
 Rowena Ironside, chair and co-founder of Women on Boards UK, talk to Insead about the leading-edge thinking, the tools, insights and frameworks that Leading from the Chair delivers to address the exciting and manifold challenges ahead.


What are the principal challenges that face chairs of boards today?

Ask Rowena Ironside, Executive Chair and co-founder of Women on Boards UK Ltd, and she’ll tell you that they fall into three critical areas: managing time, managing information asymmetry and ensuring the board is adding value to the organisation.

“When you are chairing a board, there’s an imperative to make the best possible use of limited board time to ensure you’re talking about the right things and facilitating productive discussions. Then there’s the challenge of bridging the knowledge gap between executives who are executing the day-to-day strategy of a business, and the non-executive board members whose exposure to the organisation is limited to one or two days each month. ”

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