'I was invisible. Now I am visible'


How to get yourself seen with Women on Boards' Personal Career Management Program - as told by graduate Suhan Baskar.


Medical director and clinical governance specialist Suhan Baskar knew she was more than qualified to step up and make a difference in her organisation. But it was WOB’s Personal Career Management Program that gave her the confidence to speak up and be seen.

Melbourne-based Suhan, Director of Medical Services Governance with Mercy Health, said she used the skills she learned on the nine-week course in a presentation with management.

“I went into a meeting to present to the COO of my Chief Medical Officer. The first thing I said to my colleague was 'Do I run the show, or do you run the show?’ He said 'No, I want you to lead this one.'”

Suhan jumped at the chance, putting everything she had learned on the course into practice. 

“At the end of it the COO said to me, ‘'You have been invisible, but now you are visible.' And that one line for me was so powerful, because it just gave me the confidence to say: I can do this.. it just gave me permission.”

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What is Personal Career Management?

Our Personal Career Management program will develop your understanding around what counts in managing your career from a strategic perspective, how to exercise influence and why you need self-awareness and clarity around your career narrative. It supports you to dig deep to align your passion and purpose with your career plan.

Offered as a hybrid program, one day face-to-face and four virtual sessions, Personal Career Management is highly interactive and features a suite of templates, tools and approaches that can be applied wherever you are on your career journey.

It is suited to:

  • women who have been passed over for advancement due to a perception they are 'not ready' or are 'not strategic enough';
  • women stuck in general or mid-level management roles who need to overcome speed humps that have slowed their progress into more senior roles; and
  • senior and executive leaders who are seeking to understand how to plan their way to board and committee roles.

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