How going back to school helped my board career


Just keep learning: That’s the motto South Australian WOB member, and graduate of The Boardroom School, Ruth Ottewill lives by.


As National Payroll Manager at Lucent Advisory business advisors and a board member with Diving SA and Northern Economic Leaders - a business leaders’ network in northern Adelaide - Ruth has gained significant experience in many industries and sectors. 

​And yet her insatiable thirst for knowledge has seen Ruth return to the classroom with WOB - as a ‘student’ of  The Boardroom School and to WOB’s Build Your Board CV workshop - to bolster her board skills.

As she says: “I believe in always learning and there is nobody on this planet that we can’t learn something from.”

Ruth recently shared her experience at The Boardroom School in this video with Margot Foster, who presents the course. 

Ruth says Women on Boards has played a vital role in her boardroom journey - from the courses offered to the networking opportunities and everything in between. 

“Of particular significance were the ‘Build your Board CV’ with Ruth Medd and ‘The Boardroom School’, which WOB runs in partnership with Margot Foster. 

“Ruth’s honest and perceptive feedback directly on my board CV draft helped me develop a great CV that I am proud of. Margot has such a depth of knowledge in the boardroom and beyond and I truly enjoyed her course, so much so, that I wished it wasn’t over so soon.

“One of the key lessons I learned from Margot in The Boardroom School was ‘one board member = one voice’. All opinions are important and that’s why boards hire for diversity.”

Ruth also gained her latest board role with Diving SA after seeing it advertised on the WOB vacancy page.

Her advice to anyone else starting out in their board career is to give yourself the best chance by using all the resources at your disposal. “Whether that is going back to formal study, developing your financial literacy, some of the courses offered by WOB or simply networking with like-minded individuals, just keep learning!”

Read more about Ruth’s Lessons from the Boardroom HERE.

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