How do Chairs prepare for board meetings?

Interesting survey on the mechanics of setting up a board meeting by VUCA, showing that high performing Chairs have a significant impact on board performance, and in turn organisational performance. 
The report (based on the feedback of Chairs with 1-10+ years experience, with 57% being in paid Chair roles) found that experienced Chairs say that being a Chair is far more demanding than being a director, with collective input and decision making being essential components for high performing Chairs.

This report shows that good Chairs ensure that directors are involved in the full spectrum of developing ideas and contributing issues to board meetings. 

Ruth Medd, WOB's Chair says that key issues for Chairs are "ensuring that the subtle things actually get outcomes from a meeting; making sure all directors add value; and advancing issues that need to change or evolve, which often involve the CEO as well as board members.  
Effective Chairs ensure that they: 
  • Identify the need for changed approaches;
  • Think about doing things differently;
  • Encourage improved governance as an organisation evolves."
The findings provided some thoughtful verbatim responses to the proverbial question "How do you prepare for an item that will conflict or passionate debate?" 

Read the full report
Read the online summary

With thanks to WOB Member Marlene Elliot for bringing this report to our attention.
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