Housing Australia Future Fund needs buy-in

The Federal Opposition’s promise to create a $10 billion off-budget Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) to build social and affordable housing, is a step in the right direction but needs wide private and not-for-profit sector buy-in if it is to be sustainable for the next 30-40 years.
The fund is similar to the NSW Government’s Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF), in that investment returns will be transferred to a separate Government owned corporation to pay for social and affordable housing projects.
What is not detailed is the long-term vision behind the HAFF.
  1. How will 20,000 social housing properties and 10,000 affordable housing properties for frontline workers in eight years be built and where?
  2. Who will build them?
  3. Who will operate them?
  4. How will they be transferred away from fast-depreciating Government-owned assets into owner occupied dwellings for men, women and children who need to be housed, but don’t need to be locked into the endless downward spiral of homelessness and joblessness?

So, while full points go to the ALP for getting this on the agenda, let’s not kid ourselves that the Government can (or should) deal with this issue on its own. We need a serious national conversation around what housing affordability and equitable access looks like in 10, 20, 30 & 40 years time, with clear roles for the private sector, government and non-profit and community housing providers.

Housing is a NEED, not a right.  Creating respectful unrest.

In this podcast Claire Braund talks to Robert Pradolin on housing affordability and accessibility. His message is clear, "housing is not a social issue, it’s an economic issue." 

Dissatisfied with successive governments’ lack of incentive to invest in public housing, Robert has founded Housing All Australians. Hear how Robert is disrupting the construction sector with new ways of building and some startling facts. 
25 minute listen

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