Growing Number of Not For Profits Pay Directors

The annual survey of the positions posted with Women on Boards 2016 has found that close to 20 per cent of the Not For Profit entities pay director fees
The survey of positions posted from 1 January until the end of November 2016, found that of the board vacancies posted on our website in the categories of Charity/NFP; Foundation / Trust and Sporting Body in 2016:
  • 18 per cent pay directors fees
  • 27 per cent pay expenses
  • 55 per cent do not pay
In our view, this corresponds with an increasing trend across the NFP sector to renumerate their non-executive directors, particularly those organisations operating a social enterprise with considerable resources. This is an encouraging trend as the NFP sector continues to grow and innovate around key growth areas of education, health and social assistance.
There has been a corresponding six per cent decrease in unpaid roles in 2016 compared with the period from 2006- 2015 and a two percent increase in paid roles in 2016.
Overall, the number of vacancies posted annually with WOB continues to grow, with 2016 seeing an 18 per cent increase over 2015.  From 1 January until the end of November 2016 there 748 board positions posted - many with multiple positions on offer. Those posted were renumerated as follows:
  • 45 per cent were paid roles
  • 21 per cent attracted expenses
  • 34 per cent were unpaid.
Top 10 positions viewed by WOB subscribers in 2016
  1. Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority Boards, 14 boards across health sectors at national level (ID 3680)
  2. UniMutual Ltd, a discretionary mutual, operating on not-for-profit principles, that was formed to offer higher education and research institutions a cost-effective alternative to insurance (ID 2598)
  3. ABC and SBS Boards (ID 2676)
  4. Advisory Board for GNM Australia Pty Ltd, Publisher of the Guardian (ID 3474)
  5. Financial Ombudsmen Service, independent, non-profit organisation offering fair and accessible dispute resolution services to consumers and financial services providers across banking, finance, investments, credit and insurance in Australia (ID 2321)
  6. NSW Health Professionals Councils Authority, 14 councils across health sectors to manage complaints and notifications about the health, performance and conduct of registered health professionals practising in NSW. (ID 3171)
  7. NSW Audit and Risk Committees, a long term standing vacancy for NSW Government audit and risk boards (ID 143)
  8. Sydney City Institute, provides educational services to international students (ID 3694)
  9. Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, provides independent dispute resolution service for small business and residential customers who have a complaint about their telephone or internet service in Australia (ID 3234)
  10. UN Women National Committee Australia, raises funds for and awareness of UN Women’s work in the Pacific and around the world. (ID 2195)

WOB has offered a free Post a Board Position service since 2006. We keep statistics on postings and produce an annual summary. In addition, we try to track the success of WOB members via our OnBoard page, On Board, Success Stories. So please continue to let us know when you get a board or committee role.
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