Gender Pay Gap in the UK

In November 2014 the UK Office of National Statistics published a report revealing that in the year to April 2014, the gender pay gap for all employees stood at 19.1%, down from 19.8% in 2013. The gap has also decreased in the long-term, from 27.5% in 1997.  Despite the decrease in the pay gap, the rate of progress is widely-considered to be too slow. 
Indeed, a recent report by statistics agency, Eurostat, has shown that the UK has the 6th largest gender pay gap in the European Union. So much so that companies that employ more than 250 people must report their gender pay gap as of 2016. These reports are due shortly. 

Without government action Women on Boards UK believes that nothing much would have happened in the UK to improve the countries talent management and equality standing. After all, the Government’s own research showed that prior to the pay gap reporting legislation, three out of five companies have never under taken a pay gap review and had no plans to do so.

Your scribe is currently in the UK, where on 19th July 2017 the BBC reported remuneration for presenters who earnt more than £150,000. ‚ÄčOf the top 55 persons in the Specialist Contractors and on-air talent group earning more than £200,000 there are 13 women (24%).  Of the top seven earners in this group all are men.

The BBC with annual revenues of about £5b and some 30,000 staff has been required to report executive salaries for  some time. Now its the turn of front of house personnel!
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