Focus on Government Boards

Women on Boards has a track record of working with Governments who are actively seeking to increase the representation of females on their boards and committees. We also lobby others who should be doing more - Western Australia comes to mind.
These governments who have led the way in increasing gender balance on boards through the introduction of targets, deserve recognition:

Victoria - 40%
Queensland - 50%
South Australia - 50%
Tasmania - 50%
Federal - 50%

One of the great advantages of Government boards is that due to their large and varied number, they are suited equally to first time as well as more experienced directors. Women on Boards has always been a strong advocate for women adding a government board or committee to their portfolio as an excellent way to gain perspective and expand their director network. With this in mind, we have increased our focus on Government boards this year with the following initiatives:

Masterclasses on Government boards (many via webinar) Government Marketplace for Directors to build a list of women suited to State and Federal Government Boards.

In February we are once again assisting the Victorian Health Department with its campaign to achieve 50% female appointments to the 300 vacant positions on public hospital and public health system boards. So if you are a WOB subscriber in Victoria (or just over the border in SA or NSW) you should consider applying for one of the many vacancies covered in the following listings:

ID 4569, Health Purchasing Victoria
ID 4568, Victorian Public Health Services
ID 4567, Victorian Early Parenting Centres
ID 4566, Victorian Public Hospitals and Multi Purpose Services

Note that these vacancies open on 6th February and they are seeking a broad range of skills and diversity across geographic locations.
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