Elevator talk: Is it time to practice your pitch?

Do you know how to sell yourself in a 60-second pitch? 

Many leaders have no issues ‘’talking the talk’’ when it comes to pushing products, spruiking ideas and promoting their business or organisation. 

But when asked to sell themselves, in a 60-second pitch, many hit a hurdle.

“A lot of people actually find it very hard to talk or write about themselves,” said Women on Boards Executive Chair, Ruth Medd.

Ruth’s top tip is to think of yourself as a product, to take the focus away from your reluctance to pitch yourself.

“For example, what if you were a bottle of Coca Cola; what would you say? You would be a well-regarded product (or in your case an executive such as a CEO or NED) with many years of successfully launching products or systems and someone who is well-known in your industry sector with a track-record of innovation.”

If you need help with your elevator pitch, Women on Boards will be giving tips and feedback at WOBChat this Wednesday, 30 June.

In this fun and interactive WOBChat all participants will get the chance to 'practice your pitch' and introduce themselves stating:

  • Profession / Industry/ Sector expertise

  • Experience as a director or proxy board experience

  • Something about you that is interesting and/or unusual

As well as practicing the pitch and getting comfortable with virtual presentation, participants will get feedback.

It will be a relaxed and informal session with an agile agenda and is a chance to build confidence and also meet others in the network (with attendee details provided post WOBChat for you to follow up).

In the session participants are encouraged to ask questions and there will be opportunities to discuss topical issues driven by attendees around governance, the impacts of COVID-19 and board journeys.

WOBChat is an interactive fortnightly online session in a facilitated, friendly environment for members to meet, network, share and learn - online.

This event is provided FREE OF CHARGE to Full, Premium & Corporate Members and Champions.

WOBChat will be run through Zoom, which can be accessed through your PC/ Mac or phone.

To register for the June 30 WOBChat event click HERE

For more events click HERE or for more tips on becoming board ready visit Women on Boards Resources page.

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