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Did you know Women on Boards has a fantastic podcast library you can dip into at any time? In our podcasts WOB Executive Director and co-founder Claire Braund chats to inspirational WOB members who share their board journey tips, career stories and more - from 'international woman of innovation' Gorana Saula to Dr Catherine Ordway on gender equity, integrity and anti-corruption in sport.


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Dr Monique Beedles: Carving her own path to thought leadership

Monique Beedles was not your average teenager. At 15 it was her dream to be CEO of Swiss multinational healthcare company Roche. “I didn’t know back then that to be the CEO of Roche, your name has to be Roche,” she tells Claire in this podcast. Today she is an internationally recognised thought leader and bestselling author of books on strategy, leadership and asset management and a self-confessed cricket tragic. She also has a PhD in strategy, a Master of Finance, 20 years of board experience, is a qualified pharmacist and has been a member of WOB for many years. 


Karen Tisdell: Rethinking your LinkedIn strategy

When it comes to getting the most out of your LinkedIn page, content is great but it’s no match for connection. That’s the message from LinkedIn expert Karen Tisdell, who talks to Claire Braund about how LinkedIn has changed over the years and the importance of content AND connection when it comes to directors putting themselves out there”.


Gorana Saula: International women of innovation

Bosnian-born Gorana Saula speaks three languages, has three passports, four drivers’ licenses and loves to travel. And with her passion for gadgets and all things tech it’s no wonder friends of the former CEO and electronics engineer call her James Bond. 

In this podcast she talks to Claire Braund about making the dangerous journey from war-torn former Yugoslavia with her husband and two children, leaving behind her mother and disabled brother without knowing if she would ever see them again and how she went from arriving in New Zealand speaking very little English to becoming Director of Engineering in a microwave networking solutions provider, eventually leading it to become the only private New Zealand company listed on the NASDAQ.


Fair Game: Dr Catherine Ordway on gender equity, integrity and anti-corruption in sport

Dr Catherine Ordway is an academic in sports management, and a sports lawyer, who specialises in anti corruption and integrity. She's a sought after tribunal member, media commentator and consultant. In this podcast Catherine talks about that first meeting with Ruth Medd and the growth of Women on Boards and the push to have better and skills represented on state and national sports boards. Claire and Catherine also discuss the push for parity for female athletes “starting with broadcasting and sponsorship rights, pay parity, and access to facilities,” and the complex issues around trans women in sport.


Dr Amber Tan: 'I felt like my career was crushed'

From Ipoh, Malaysia Amber Tan beat all the odds and won a scholarship to study law at Kings College London before completing a PhD at Monash University. Now she is on a mission to use her research into the challenges and discrimination facing Asian women in the workplace in Australia for positive change.


Claire Braund on super firms taking a stance on ‘merit’

In September Claire Braund spoke to 3AW Drive Host, Tom Elliot about a decision by HESTA that they will vote against select director re-elections of ASX300 companies where the board has less than 30 per cent of female representation. Claire says HESTA and other investment firms are taking a stance on “merit”. “We like to think of merit as something objective … but it’s actually defined by culture, values and expectations … which means only some parts of merit are to do with how hard one works,” she told Tom Elliott.


Optus blame game: Do we treat male and female CEOs the same?

Is there less of a tolerance for failure for women at the top than there is for men? In the wake of former Optus CEO’s Kelly Bayer Rosmarin’s resignation from the telco following a nationwide outage that took down phone and internet services for 14 hours, Women on Boards Executive Director Claire Braund spoke with ABC Canberra Radio’s James Vyver about the blame culture around CEOs following a crisis and asks, do we treat our male and female CEOs differently?

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