British sister marks 5 year anniversary

Many of you know that Women on Boards established an operation in the UK in 2012 – exactly five years ago this month. If you haven’t already then jump onto our website and select WOB UK at the top left corner and have a browse. Some great articles and useful tips - as applicable here as in the UK.
To give you a bit of background, WOB UK is a company in its own right and WOB Australia is a majority shareholder. In just five years it has gone from strength to strength as the homepage metric ‘5 Success Stories per week in 2016’ shows. This is due to the enormous efforts put in by the principals, Rowena Ironside (an expat Aussie), Fiona Hathorn and Rachel Tranter. They have been brilliant partners to Claire and I over the years and we thank them for their effort and commitment.

In summary, the WOB UK performance for the five years as at September 2017 is:
  • Success Stories - 850 logged
  • 1-on-1 support - 1,500 in total, average 30 per month
  • Vacancies posted - approaching 10,500
  • Subscribers will be 21,000 by end of September - they are quickly catching us
The UK is also a major market for board roles and there are usually up to 250 plus on offer at any one time on the WOB UK website. If you are like WOB subscriber, Kerry Adby, who serves on the board of the London Pension Fund, you may be interested in accessing some of these roles. Good news is that you can become a Global Subscriber for $250 per year. We have 184 such subscribers since we launched the option in February last year. You can upgrade your current subscription or become a global subscriber when you join or renew. Click here for details.
Women on Boards prides itself in offering great support to Subscribers; we guide you through the various stages of the board application process.  WOB UK is ultra-active in this space realising this is a differentiator in the competitive UK market. Click here for more evidence of why you might want to be part of WOB UK and WOB Australia.
We look forward to making you part of our growing global marketplace.

Ruth Medd

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