Boredom to Boardroom: 10 ways to boost your board career in lockdown

COVID restrictions have put more than half of Australia's population under stay-at-home orders again, meaning it's back to working from home and Zoom meetings for many of us.

While face-to-face meetings and business lunches may be off the menu, the lockdown doesn’t mean you have to put the brakes on your board journey, says Women on Boards COO, Nicole Donegan.

“Now is the perfect time to do those things you’ve been putting off, such as updating your Board CV or LinkedIn profile, watching those webinars you’ve bookmarked and listening to podcasts you’ve been meaning to get to,” she said.

“Perhaps there are some board roles you’ve been meaning to apply for, but haven’t got round to doing. While there are lots of annoying elements to being in lockdown, it is also a chance to use the extra time - where you would normally be commuting to work or in endless meetings and lunches - to focus on your board career and  ways to enrich it.”

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