BDI Strategy and Tactics


International Women's Day is now behind us and we there are some items worthy of note.

  • Gear up Girls was a great success, organised by the very capable crew at Bicycle NSW, who as it happens are seeking a board member (ID4834). 
  • The winner of the 2017 TAP Gallery IWD art prize was Debbie Nankervis with her work titled Sister Cities. WOB previously sponsored this prize and I have taken this on personally.
  • The AFR BOSS article of 6th March 2017 which featured an interview with Ruth and Claire received many compliments. Thank you.

So drawing on that interview when I spoke about the range of opportunities to take board roles, I will turn to WOB Boardroom Diversity Index (BDI) and how it has contributed to women in the world of boards.

The WOB BDI has been a WOB institution since 2010 and now covers some 26 sectors, ranging from the ASX to Medical Colleges, Primary Health Networks,  Research & Development Corporations, Superannuation Trusts, University Bodies and many others.

The BDI serves many mistresses. At a strategic level it gives WOB the information to enable a pathway to a board for us all. Remember, there is a board for everyone! At the tactical level it enables you as an individual to research boards in a sector of interest; and then proactively make your interest known. For the organisations featured it gives them an understanding of their position in the board diversity pecking order.

The BDI also enables us to anticipate future demands for skilled directors. We identified affordable housing as a sector evolving its governance structures many years ago and in need of skilled directors. I foresee that NDIS bodies are similarly placed and may be added into the BDI in 2018.

Good hunting in the BDI.

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