Australia falls behind on gender pay gap


Australia's gender pay gap has remained stable at 14% (WGEA), however recent data shows we are falling behind the rest of the world.  According to international rankings by the World Economic Forum, Australia was ranked 15th in 2006 but fell 24 places to 39th in 2018.


Other nations are getting on top of this critical gender equity issue at a faster pace than Australia. One reason for this is the underrepresentation of women in key senior management roles and the fact that women earn $162,000 less than mean in senior positions per year.

One area where women are paid equally is in the boardroom - where there is no gender pay gap in terms of like for like work. Where the gap has become more obvious is in the number of positions women hold on boards and committees.

Later this year Women on Boards will undertake its bi-annual Boardroom Diversity Index (BDI) which measures female participation on the boards of more than 1500 Australian organisations.  It will be interesting to see the change since our 2018 BDI. Stay tuned!

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