ANZAC Day 2022: Lest We Forget

By Women on Boards co-founder and Executive Director, Claire Braund

On ANZAC Day 2022, Women on Boards pays tribute to the current and former members of our armed forces and to those who served with them in times of war and peace. 


WOB has a number of members who have served or are serving in our armed forces. The best known is Brigadier Alison Creagh AM CSC, who is a graduate of our WOBSX program and has spoken at numerous WOB events. They include our Next Generation of Female Leaders program in 2014 when I invited the eldest child of my best friend, then 16 and a young air force cadet, to hear Alison speak. 

Lieutenant Riley Bradford is now an Australian Army Aviation officer undergoing basic pilot training (pictured here after their first solo flight) from  They hold a Bachelor of Arts (Chief of Defence Force Program) in Indonesian and International Politics Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Political Studies.

In 2020 whilst posted to the Australian Army Research Centre they completed a research thesis entitled “Australia’s Securitisation of Climate Change in the South Pacific”. Riley is someone who I have known since they were a baby and I have no doubt they will continue to make a significant contribution to our nation.

As it was Alison who suggested Riley consider training to be a pilot in the army rather than the airforce when they met in 2014, I have always been reminded of the far reaching impact and influence of WOB members. Another great example of why we need women in board and leadership roles across all aspects of our economy and society to inspire others to lead, achieve and succeed.



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