A year filled with signs of hope

As we head into Christmas and the great Australian summer break, there is a sense of relief that we can all take a well-earned rest.

One in which we can hopefully recharge and reset after what many have characterised as another weary and difficult year. War, terror, death, corruption, climate warnings – it’s all there in the chronical of mayhem and chaos that is the daily news cycle.

Yet it has also been a year filled with signs of hope. The wonderful spirit of the Ukrainian people as they defiantly resist Russia, the slow return to ‘normality’ after two years of COVID, the poignant coming together to mourn Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the persistence of protest for regime change in Iran and other countries, the mobilisation of the Australian volunteer army in record floods.  A silver lining in often-dark clouds.

It has also been both a sad and uplifting year for women. Record numbers of women aged over 55 made homeless, one a week murdered from DV related violence, the fallout of the Brittany Higgins trial; but on the flip side, great optimism as Australia increased the number of women in Federal Parliament to nearly 45%, a stronger commitment to making our workplaces respectful on the back of Kate Jenkins review, action on increasing cultural diversity on boards and lots more women on boards!

At a personal level we would have all known of new births, new loves, new opportunities, all reason for hope, optimism, and faith in humanity. So many good reasons to be thankful as you head off for some well-earned rest and recreation.  

At Women on Boards, we are thankful for your continued support throughout 2022. It has been such a pleasure to reconnect with many of you in person this year at various lunches and events where we are constantly reminded that WOB is indeed ‘a league of extraordinary women.’

We look forward to 2023 and all that it brings.

Claire, Ruth, Nicole, Angela, Victoria, Eva and Geraldine

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