A night to remember as WOB farewells a trailblazer


It was a night to remember at the Tea Rooms in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building, when close to 100 Women on Boards members gathered to celebrate the achievements of WOB Executive Chair and founding member Ruth Medd last week.


A diverse collection of friends, colleagues and acquaintances of Ruth joined WOB members - from long-time supporters to recently joined members - at the special Gala Dinner and panel event - emceed by Catherine Fox AM - on Thursday 9 March. Also present were members of the WOB team, including state representatives Anna Hebron (Qld), Kath Hall (ACT) and Wendy Teasdale-Smith (SA).

“It was a privilege to be at the Gala Dinner to farewell Ruth,” said WOB Queensland representative Anna Hebron.

“The stories shared throughout the evening spoke to Ruth’s integrity, her courage, her ability to call out inequity and most importantly pave a pathway for women to step up and stand out.

“There were common themes across the evening – that of Ruth holding the space for others, of giving them permission and a push to challenge the status quo. 

“Ruth has an enviable bias towards action, of asking the hard questions and opening up dialogues not possible before. She has a unique and singular determination to make a difference and her impact across thousands of people and organisations has been formidable. She has created powerful change and momentum where it was strongly needed wrapped up in her unique style, fantastic sense of the ridiculous and a random yet fun fact. 

“It was truly a pleasure to be part of such a special group of people coming together as one to farewell the trialblazer and icon that is Ruth Medd. Thanks to Women on Boards team for pulling together such a special event.”

WOB’s South Australia representative, Wendy Teasdale-Smith said the even was a 
“wonderful example of recognising an outstanding woman and the contribution she has made to women, collectively and individually”.

“The number and diversity of women (and men) there on the night showed just how much Ruth as a leader and WOB as an organisation was valued and how successful it has been.”

“The evening also provided all of us to reflect on the impact WOB has had on us personally and what we had gained from our involvement. The evening was also important from a ‘good leadership’ perspective - what was demonstrated was what a ‘hero’ from a WOB business perspective looks like. 

“It also highlighted just how impactful the research Ruth has done over the years with the traffic light reports – without this I am not sure WOB would have got the traction it did.”

WOB member Samantha Challinor commented on LinkedIn after the event: “A great evening, and a great reminder of how groundbreaking and fearless Ruth, Claire and the WOB Team have been in paving the way for Women on Boards.”

Anita Kauffman wrote: “When a group of like minded individuals unite, ANYTHING is possible. Congratulations to Ruth Medd and Claire Braund for an inspirational celebration of Ruth’s achievements. It’s a privilege to be in the room with a power of women!”

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