10 reasons to focus on your Personal Career Management


Do you want to develop your understanding around what counts in managing your career from a strategic perspective, learn how to exercise influence and understand why you need self-awareness and clarity around your career narrative?


Here are 10 reasons WOB’s PCM program will help you, and your career. 

Whether you’re someone looking to change direction in your career, returning from a career break, wanting to move from management  to a more senior role or looking to move to a portfolio career, committing to a career management program will not only help align your passion and purpose with your career plan, but also enable you to thrive at work and in life. 

In attending the program you will:

  1. Learn how to employ ‘critical career thinking’.
  2. Find out what motivates you in work and life
  3. Gain insight into how your self-perceptions can be limiting your progress
  4. Learn enhanced communication, influencing and negotiating skills
  5. Work on improving your presentation skills in a variety of situations
  6. Gain a clearer understanding of the value you bring to an organisation.
  7. Understand how to broaden yourself out of your profession to various industry sectors and leadership roles.
  8. Discover how to actively engage with and benefit from mentors, coaches, sponsors and others who support you
  9. Practice strategies for negotiating performance reviews
  10.  Take ownership of your own career narrative via the ‘Plan on a Page' 

"Employees want to be seen, valued, and listened to. They want equity, dignity, security, balance, flexibility, and autonomy. They expect opportunities for growth, learning, meaningful contribution, and fulfillment. "April Rinne, HBR August 2022 'Stop Offering Career Ladders. Start Offering Career Portfolios.

WOB’s Personal Career Management program, offered as a hybrid program with two days face-to-face and three virtual sessions, is highly interactive and features a suite of templates, tools and approaches that can be applied wherever you are on your career journey.

Find out more about the program HERE

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