‘Don’t give anyone a reason to put you in the too-hard pile’: 7 steps to nailing your Board CV


Want to get noticed by the right people? Follow these tips from WOB's co-founders Claire Braund and Ruth Medd on how to nail the perfect Board CV that will put you on top of the pile.


Getting your Board CV right can be difficult and time-consuming, requiring considerable thought and focus.  It can also be very difficult to depict your own skills and attributes objectively.

In fact, many people are still caught in the mindset of creating a Board CV that looks like a traditional resume for a corporate role, instead of one that signals they are ready for the boardroom.

The key purpose of a Board CV is to get you noticed by those involved in the selection process and highlight what value you will bring to the board or committee.

“Creating a good board CV that stands out is about getting you above the pack,” said Women on Boards co-founder Claire Braund, who together with co-founder Ruth Medd runs regular Build Your Board CV virtual workshops.

“The aim of the workshop is to help you get to the shortlist and create something that you can talk to,” says Claire. 

“We look at the key elements of a board CV, drill into your USP and also look at why it is important to keep your CV to two pages.

“At the end of the workshop you should have a much deeper understanding of your board-related competencies and the value that you bring to a board.”

Here are seven tips Claire and Ruth offer on building a Board CV:

  1. Don’t make claims you can’t back up. 

  2. Keep it short, ideally two pages. 

  3. Be succinct and avoid long open paragraphs.

  4. Avoid repetitive words and elevate your language.

  5. Deepen the way you describe yourself by including your strategic areas of expertise and technical skills, as well as your soft skills.

  6. Don’t use fancy fonts, small text, or colours.

  7. Don’t name-drop with your referees.

“At the end of the day, it’s about creating a CV that cuts through the mire of other CVs,” says Claire. “Don’t give anyone a reason to put you in the too-hard pile.”

WOB Member Kerrie Edwards attended the Build Your Board CV workshop and said she would highly recommend the workshop to others.

“Excellent experience, good learning environment with a suitably sized and small group of women with diverse skills and knowledge,” she said. 

“I walked away with not just a good feel for how my board CV should be presented, but also with a better understanding of how to make the jump from executive to board director.” 

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 Learning outcomes from this workshop include:

  • A clearer understanding of your board related competencies and the value you will bring to a board.

  • Greater awareness of how to express your technical and transferable skills and experience.

  • Clarity on the structure, format, and language of a CV.

  • Tips on what boards are looking for and how to reflect these in your CV and in an interview.

  • A Board CV that you can either continue to refine or take to someone to polish.

Registration includes:

  • One x 2.5 hour virtual workshop with slides and helpful handouts (max 12 participants)

  • Two x 15 minute videos (Your Board CV Fundamentals & Your Board Key Mistakes & Case Studies) to watch in your own time.

  • A 1 hour follow-up virtual session to review your progress.

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