​Do we think men are really going to solve the Liberal problem? No evidence to date.

The recently released 10 year plan to have 50 per cent female Liberal MPs by 2025 through "mentoring" via a Male Champions of Change initiative is a bit pie in the sky to say the least.It is also top down and very old school in its approach. 
Quite frankly, if the men in the Liberal (and National) Party have not worked out by now that to get more women you actually have to pre-select them - preferably in safe seats - which means men have to step aside, then there is not much hope for progress.

Instead of working on the women, the men in the Liberal Party would be far better mentoring the branch members who actually pre-select the candidates!!! And following a proven strategy that evidence shows actually delivers - gender quotas for pre-selection. Not to mention doing a bit of succession planning in their own electorates and looking beyond the end of their nose for a replacement candidate.

Does a party which has just 21 per cent of women (18 of 84) and has been on a distinct downward trend in this regard think MCCs and mentoring will fix the issue by 2025
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