​A League of Extraordinary Women

This week I was in Brisbane presenting one of our 'get to know WOB information evenings.' Another great crowd of professional, skilled and diverse women with so much to offer our organisations. Just like the women in Sydney and Melbourne last week - and so it goes, in every city, every year. 
The quality, calibre and integrity of the women I have met over the years has made me continually reflect on the marvel that is the WOB network. A network built on a circle of reciprocity - the mutual exchange of privileges - and interdependence, whereby we rely on each other for wellbeing, support and advancement. A network comprised of the woman you are, the woman you were and the woman you will become. A powerful idea that is visually reflected in a sculture created to celebrate WOB's 10th birthday last year and which I would like to share with you.

Titled 'Moving Forward', the work was commissioned from NSW Central Coast sculptor and potter, Rachel Bunney. The work consists of three women who are connected as one but with open hands to show connection through independence. Each woman is of slightly different height indicating various stages of life or age, while the dresses and flowers are also descriptive of stage of life. A daisy for the youngest, a lily for the woman of middle age and a rose for the elder. She is guiding the younger two with open hands as they carry their baskets ready to gather wisdom and knowledge needed to move into positions of responsibility and power. The grouping of the three women signifies the passing on of knowledge from previous generations to those upcoming. Each woman is moving with a foot forward in the same direction however have their gaze in directions of their own making.

A wonderful metaphor for how WOB functions - and the real secret of our success.

We also refer to becoming a WOB member as joining a 'league of extraordinary women'. For this is really what you become part of when you choose to join WOB - one of 22,000 women who have come together to further their own aspirations & interests and support & enable others to achieve the same. There is a place for everybody in WOB. We are open and inclusive and welcome anyone interested in developing their career and taking up board boards.

Remember that your success is also ours, so when you achieve a board or leadership role, drop us a note and update your WOB and LinkedIn profiles.

Each day I walk into our office and look at the three clay women supporting each other, I am reminded that we are all in this together.

Enjoy your weekend.
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