Employees of corporate subscribers

If you are an employee of a corporate subscriber then you can simply register with the website using your company email address and you will automatically be recognised and receive subscriber benefits.

Organisations seeking a corporate subscription

Organisations seeking to provide female employees with professional development opportunities and strategies for personal growth are invited to take a corporate membership to Women on Boards.

Female employees at all career stages benefit from a corporate subscription to Women on Boards:

  • Early and mid-career level employees are exposed to directorship as part of their longer term career plan and are supported to take up positions on not for-profit., government and relevant industry boards.
  • Senior women are provided with strategic advice, networks and programs that assist them to achieve positions on higher-level boards and to seriously consider directorship as a parallel or post executive career.

How does corporate subscription work?

Women on Boards provides the option of a Gold, Silver, Bronze or Blue Corporate Subscription. This enables corporations to choose a subscription package with one, two or three in-house workshops, high-quality networking events plus a full subscription for all employees to Women on Boards to enjoy:

  • Workshops and events to inform and inspire women, support their ambitions and grow their confidence and career resilience.
  • Providing connections, encouragement and personalised support to senior executive women ready to step into the boardroom
  • Free listing of board vacancies in all sectors to increase the transparency of the board recruitment process

Benefits of a corporate subscription

There are significant benefits for individuals and organisations in a corporate subscription:

  • Build capacity of employees to develop career and leadership potential.
  • Improve career resilience and understanding of workforce dynamics.
  • Assist women explore directorship opportunities to give back to the community and create a point of difference on their CVs
  • Build market and industry knowledge and networks through exposure to a diverse range of issues.
  • Retain valuable employees.
  • Give your employees exposure and access to directors and executives of major Australian companies for quality business to business interactions.


The WOB office via 02 4321 0100 or wob-aus@womenonboards.net