WOB Board Vacancies Continue to Grow

An innovative and unique service that's been provided by Women on Boards since 2006 is our Board & Committee Vacancy listing.   We are delighted to report that our Vacancies continue to grow, with WOB posting more than two and a half thousand vacancies in 2018, an increase of 164% in just 12 months.
Trends in 2018 showed that positions posted were:
  • 54% for paid board roles
  • 22% paid for expenses
  • 19% were unpaid
  • 5% were for other roles, such as Company Secretary
In addition, a number of quality scholarship opportunities were posted. 

Not For Profits

We found that 24% of the NFP vacancies listed paid director fees and that vacancies posted in the categories of Charity/NFP; Foundation / Trust and Sporting Body in 2018 showed the following trends:
  • 24% paid directors fees in 2018 compared to 19% in 2017  
  • 43% paid expenses compared to 41% in 2017
  • 38% did NOT pay, compared to 40% in 2017
Some of these did offer professional development.

WOB considers that the number of NFPs who pay NEDs should continue to increase in order to attract high quality candidates to meet the increasing NFP challenge to operate more commercially. For the NFP sector to continue to grow and innovate it needs board talent and diversity.  

The top postings viewed by WOB subscribers in 2018 were:
  • NSW Local Health District and Speciality Networks - government
  • Public Health Boards Victoria - government
  • Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust - government
  • Victoria’s Water Corporations - government
  • ASX ELMO - listed for profit
  • ModMed - private
  • Queensland Health Hospital and Health Boards - government
  • SkyBuys - private
  • Regional Advisory Councils TAFE NSW ** - government
  • ASX confidential
  •  International Women's Development Agency (IWDA) ** - not for profit
  • Wine Australia - not for profit
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