Lil Bianchi's journey to the ASX

WOBSX graduate Lil Bianchi was appointed to 4DMedical in 2019.  Following their float on 7 August 2020, she is now delighted to be the NED of an ASX board.
4DMedical is a global medical technology company aiming to change the outcome for patients with lung disease. 4DMedical’s recent ASX listing (ASX:4DX) is a tremendous success story of innovation and resilience by a highly talented team. 
Lil Bianchi joined the board of 4DMedical in November 2019, on the eve of graduating from the  WOBSX Rosalind Dubs syndicate the following month.  She was appointed to 4DMedical as part of its board refresh towards FDA approval, an IPO and expansion into the USA, to bring her experience in technology products and business transformation.

Lil says "the role ticked off my wish list of a clear value proposition, growth trajectory and as strong a purpose as you can find - the vision of a world where people with lung disease have better outcomes and more hope.  The board has breadth of expertise and experience, and now has two women out of six NEDs.”
When Lil took the decision to move from CEO to NED she looked for ways to add to her existing board experience and accelerate the transition. Her first step was to undertake the AICD Company Directors course, which she says provided a great grounding.

Her second step was to explore what WOB had to offer, which led her to take part in WOBSX.  She says “Jon Brett, the program Chair facilitated sessions with leading directors who shared their insider experience of top Australian boards.  The women participants were great, and Jon continues to provide his clear insights and support.”
On her journey to the ASX Lil said she thanked “Jon Brett, for your clear sight, encouragement and ongoing support; Dan Liszka (Program Director) for putting a great idea into practice with WOBSX; and to Ruth Medd (WOB Chair) for doing the stuff with commitment year after year.”
Lil sees the current key challenges for the 4DMedical board as supporting scale; building talent, ensuring rigorous investment decisions and nurturing the 4DMedical culture of innovation and urgency. 

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