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Positions/13 Aug 2020


National, Australia

ID : 18054
Remuneration : Expenses paid
Industry : Social Services (Youth, Aged, Disability, Welfare)
Duration : 3 years
Closing Date : 03 Sep 2020

Positions/05 Aug 2020


QLD, Australia

ID : 17982
Remuneration : Expenses paid
Industry : Creative (Arts & Crafts, Theatre, Design, Film/TV/Radio)
Duration : More than 3 years
Closing Date : 04 Sep 2020

Events/17 Aug 2020
Realising your board potential (3 part webinar)

An online workshop designed to help you with strategies for board and career development. Learn about what it takes to be a director and strategies for...

Events/18 Aug 2020
Create a board CV to do you justice

Preparing a good Board CV is not easy. From this virtual workshop you come away with a professional board CV that pitches you where you need...

News/12 Aug 2020
2020 Fortune Global 500 list hits all time diversity low

The 2020 Fortune Global 500 List, released on 10 August, shows that woman run just 13 out of the 500 top companies globally - one less than last year. ...

News/12 Aug 2020
WOB congratulates Bridget Loudon on her appointment to the Telstra board. At just 31, she has become the youngest person to join an ASX200 board

Women on Boards congratulates Bridget Loudon (& Telstra for their foresight), the co-founder of Expert 360, who has become the youngest non executive...

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