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Positions/05 Jul 2020

Government / Public Sector

VIC, Australia

ID : 17712
Remuneration : Director fees
Industry : Government / Public Administration
Duration : 3 years
Closing Date : 02 Aug 2020

Positions/09 Jul 2020

Public Unlisted

National, Australia

ID : 17748
Remuneration : Director fees
Industry : Health / Medical Services
Duration : 3 years
Closing Date : 03 Aug 2020

Events/15 Jul 2020
Realising your board potential (3 part webinar)

An online workshop designed to help you with strategies for board and career development. Learn about what it takes to be a director and strategies for...

Events/21 Jul 2020
All about WOB

Find out more about how WOB works, our offerings and the network we offer during a fact filled information webinar.

News/06 Jul 2020
Under the Cloak of COVID © - Corporate Psychopaths and Bullies come out to play ©

Are you one of the silent majority - passive, disinterested or status oriented directors complying with the psychopath's directions OR are you one...

News/06 Jul 2020
Zita Peach to Chair next Melbourne WOBSX syndicate

WOBSX has achieved a hat trick when it comes to highly accomplished female directors who have thrown their support behind the program. Zita Peach will...

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