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Positions/11 Dec 2019

Government / Public Sector

VIC, Australia

ID : 15715
Remuneration : Director fees
Industry : Government / Public Administration
Duration : More than 3 years
Closing Date : 01 Mar 2020

Positions/04 Feb 2020


VIC, Australia

ID : 16295
Remuneration : Director fees
Industry : Media / Communications
Duration : 3 years
Closing Date : 02 Mar 2020

Events/27 Feb 2020
All about WOB via Webinar

Find out more about how WOB works, our offerings and the network we offer during a fact filled information webinar.

Events/03 Mar 2020
Brisbane , QLD
Realising your board potential

A half-day workshop for anyone considering their first or subsequent board roles. Learn what it takes to be a director and strategies for including board...

News/07 Feb 2020
High Levels of Frustration with Board Recruitment 

Lack of transparency, professionalism and peer support are just some of the frustrations with the board recruitment process, according to new research...

News/24 Jan 2020
Honour a Woman

When you peruse the honours list in the Australia Day Awards this year, make a mental note of how many women have been recognised. Then make a further...

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