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How to sign up?

If you are currently employed by one of our corporate members (see logos below) then you are entitled to a full membership of Women on Boards*. Simply register with our website to automatically become a member and receive the full benefits. 

Click here to register with the WOB website (you must use your company email address)


If your organisation is not listed above, we encourage you to consider our individual membership options or put forward a proposal for your organisation to take up a Corporate Membership with WOB – we can support you to do this.

Steps to get you started

Upon registering with the Women on Boards website you will receive access to full member benefits.
As your next step, we suggest you follow the below impulses:

  • Get to know WOB by joining an Introducing WOB webinar to get an overview of ‘all you need to know’ to understand what Women on Boards does and how our services can assist you
  • Visit your personal dashboard for a general overview of you at WOB
  • Set up your profile to improve your user experience. You may want to browse other members’ profiles to get you in the right frame of mind and learn about the diversity of women in our network
  • Join a New Member Orientation to learn more about how WOB can work for you, how to navigate the website and to best utilise available resources and networks
  • Listen to our podcasts (you can subscribe too) and explore other information in our Resource Centre based on your current stage and area of interest
  • Keep an eye out for events specifically held for your company (announced via email or internal comms). However, we encourage you to venture of and be proactive in joining any other WOB events that have you interested – please note that member fees may apply
  • If you feel stuck, contact our friendly team for assistance: 02 4321 0100 or email us

If your organisation is a current corporate member of WOB and you would like to get more involved or learn about how your organisation has been engaged with us, please contact Eva.

Enquire Now

Contact the WOB office on 02 4321 0100 or email our Corporate Relations Manager.

*Disclaimer – some of our corporate members have limited individual memberships to a designated group of employees. This may mean that you do not have full member access. Please be in contact if you have any concern or require clarification on whether this applies in your case.